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Contemporary Iconographies: Aribert Munzner


Jaye B.

Aribert Munzner

In Leonard Shlain's book Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light, it is posited that  "... the visionary artist is the first member of a culture to see the world in a new way. Then, nearly simultaneously, a revolutionary physicist discovers a new way to think about the world." 

The author then goes on to suggest that artists such as Picasso, Duchamp and Matisse responded to some furtive call to visually articulate what was otherwise unconsciously brewing in subatomia and in the minds of physicists like Niels Bohr, Heisenberg and Einstein themselves, creating a dynamic bond between art and a science just beginning to emerge out of the restrictive confines of  19th c. positivism.

Now, over a century later, the artist's role as a mediator between the two becomes even more significant considering how scientific reductionism, uniformitarianism and even Newtonianism still persists. The growing menace of  artificial intelligence, transhumanism and genetic engineering, all threaten to completely extinguish the visionary capacity needed to counter these oppressive, archontic forces and allow something more life affirming and expansive to emerge.

In light of this dismal impendence, the works of  artist Aribert Munzner become most relevant.  His paintings serve to reveal and influence, as well as to bridge.  His adeptness at cosmological cartography encourages us to breakthrough and aspire as well. We are encouraged not only to see art/science parallels in his works, but to respond to whatever clarion calls are now coming in from the beyond like the early 20th c. artists themselves did, prompting us to revolutionize.

Genesis 4-4 11

The luminary relevance of Munzner's work is evident throughout, particularly in the Genesis series. A deep understanding of not only  art/science parallels is revealed, but the continuum of space/time as well.  We only need to decondition ourselves to intuitively grasp what is otherwise so incomprehensibly elusive. Doing so will encourage renewed dialogue between the sciences and art that could steer the former to a more life affirming, nihilism free direction and the latter as well.

Genesis, 00-1

 An opportunity to do just this is currently rising upon the art world horizon via the Contemporary Iconographies exhibit which opens on Thursday, September 1st , 6 PM-10 PM @:

Vine Arts Center
2637 27th Ave S.
Minneapolis, Mn.  55406

Please check out Aribert's work @   

Also see The Art Guardian review of  Mark D. Roberts  who also will be showing his work at the Vine Arts Center at this time.

(all images used in this review (C)Aribert Munzner)


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